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The Spicy Taste and Halal Food in Bali

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There are many delicious restaurants in Bali indeed. Many kinds of food started from western foods until local menu from Bali are available. The price that the restaurants in Bali have is different, it depends on the location. But, for you who want to look for a delicious, cheaper, and halal foods only D’Sambal that have all of it. D’Sambal served may kinds of halal foods. You must be hard to find halal food in Bali because of the majority of Bali people are non moslem. You do not have to worry about halal food, here I want to tell you what D’Sambal is.

Addresses :

d'Sambal Airport Ngurah Rai
Jalan Toyaning Kedonganan, 50 meter dari Benoa Square

d'Sambal Kampus UNUD/ GWK
Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran, seberang SPBU UNUD

d'Sambal Nusa Dua/ Tanjung Benoa
Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Nusa Dua - Jimbaran, sebelah lampu merah Taman Griya

Best menus : grilled fish, fried fish, seafood, grilled yummy duck, grilled chicked, chinese food and many more choices of best indonesian food. 38 sambal khas Bali dan Indonesia, ikan bakar khas Jimbaran, aneka ikan goreng, bebek goreng penyet bakar, Ayam bakar, ayam penyet, ayam goreng spesial, ayam kremes, udang krispy, pecel lele, aneka seafood, aneka sayuran enak, 35 jenis sambal khas Bali, Jawa, Sunda, Manado dan Indonesia. Semua sambal fresh, baru dibuat saat dipesan.   Kami juga menyediakan pesanan nasi kotak atau nasi box, snack box dan jasa catering parkir bus luas. Telp / WA / SMS : 0821 441 24551. Kapasitas : 100 orang tempat duduk.

Semua menu d'Sambal halal, harga murah mulai 2000

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Actually, D’Sambal is such a creativity to make a special spicy menu and halal for the customer who like the spicy taste. The name of D’Sambal is coming from forerunner of chiefs and queens who are like the spicy taste. Although D’Sambal served the spicy taste, but the nutrition is also fulfilled. Do you want to know the taste of D’sambal foods, please come to the D’Sambal outlet that located in in Jalan Toya Ning 25 Kedonganan, 50 meters from Square Rs Kasih Ibu. The menu that D’Sambal has are 30 side dishes, 17 drinks and 20 kinds of vegetables with thirty six variants of typical sambal from Bali even from the whole Indonesia. You will not be disappointed with the taste, because the ingredients is all halal, clean and also delicious. For the further and details information about D’Sambal, please visit D’Sambal official website or you can contact by phone in 0821 441 24551. The clean and comfortable place will increase your appetite with the power of real spicy taste. The location which is very strategic is suitable for the young generation who want to hang out in the restaurant that have a delicious and halal food with the low price.



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